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community to meetings & living and breathing our daily lives here in san francisco. thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to serve as part of this commission. >> thank you. any questions? no questions >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> i think the last person is moses. >> timothy moses. >> i didn't see a timothy. >> good afternoon honorable board members. i'm timothy i'm an immigrant from africa and have been in san francisco since 1974.
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i was the co-founder for african-american desk club. from the bay area board members of the san francisco and the executive director of the commission. i'm currently open the immigrant commission and would like to be reappointed to continue to serve and telephone number continue to serve guideline immigrants for languages and mental health and domestic family issues. i have degrees if mental health and i've been deep involved and work closely with the hardworking staff and my fellow commissioners in passing the due process that on civil immigration that was relevance passed by the board of
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supervisors. and i sincerely thank you for passing this important ordinance. finally, i'd like to thank the mayor and board of supervisors and our hardworking staff as well as my fellow commissioners and the immigrant living in the bay area especially in san francisco. you have nothing to lose if you reappoint those 6 commissioners we walk closely together although we disagree sometimes at the end of the day, we agree on a lot of issues. we really appreciate if you can reappoint me so i can continue to help folks. and i want to thank our hardworking a star for the hardworking jobs and i've seen
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staff come and go but the kusht staff are wonderful and the current commissioners say we work well together. thank you if you have any questions? >> any questions colleagues. >> this must be a really good board because mario took the wind out of my sale i asked what are the goals and how long have you been on the commission so it's good to see you commissioner thank you very much. >> thank you very much. before i - thank you very much >> thank you. >> any public comment on this item? come on up. >> linda richard resident
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president yee and supervisor breed and supervisor cowen. it's a great honor to come out here per he was standing here and very modest he was familiar with the immigrant community and the low income community. he was a person and still see the person that everybody going to the african-american community and latino community they know brown doctor moedz his work was you instrumental and the voices of the immigrant in this community it should be said that he helps in public health and unemployment and getting the social services that's one person that's been the bridge
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and the animal health fair. i saw one nonprofit organization from the western edition from china town hall from the hispanic community he goes auto he's also a board member of y cd you've all spoken in terms of employment for the protecting san franciscans the doctor is a fine person. and lastly we need hispanics on the commission so this community needs representation >> i'm here with selena less than to ask for your support in rereinstating her as vice chair
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and talk about the other commissioners the other seats 4, 6, 8 and lifting. this is personally one of the most important commissions it keeps us you plugged into the community. on particularly our immigrant community. one of the biggest challenges is keeping the full commission. i'm totally on the attention when we first took over that was a problem. there were 15 commissioners and lack - we wanted commissioners that would show up. as you can see all you get is a nice warm feeling when you put in the time it's important we show up for meetings.
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it takes about all the commissioners all 6 of them. they've paid their dues. it's atkins the kind of commission you kind of develop and evolve as the years good bye. it's taking a long time to get part of the commission. in my particular case we're not a big community selena is one of the biggest members of our community. she missed one meeting last year because she was getting married. i ask you to reappoint all 6. if i may the other xhirsdz are well combfltd i can over the years there's a lot of people
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that kept replying so if aura first timer please coming come back >> thank you. >> sorry to cut you but i'm trying to be fair and a public comment. this is for public comment oh, come on up >> excuse me. hi deputy city attorney john. it's not illegal prohibited but the fact of this commission once a applicant speaks you ask them not to come up again on public comment but anyone has the right to participate in public comment. >> so excuse me. - and i would have said more easily i was told
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i had 2 minutes i would have brought guest speakers but the recommendations i speak 2 to 3 minutes i typically don't bring guest speakers if that i can have a few more minutes. >> i'm you had the opportunity. >> typically you got a couple of minutes we don't get a lot of guest speakers. >> we'll let pub go by and give you a chance to respond. >> any other public comments. i'm overview related brandon on
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behalf of mr. moedz i've known as a coworker for a number of years. i've served on the advisory broadway brfd for a number of years and moses came after that he was a sterile part of the board. i'm surprised the committee functions at a higher level. a lot of stance he does the official work that a lot of people don't see. because of the drunly of the office he taxes that responsibility and been a steering wheel person in the community. it's important the issues as anything and i think he is the person who can provide the kind
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of leadership that is important to this community i'm happy to a support him >> thank you very much come on up. good afternoon mr. chairman and supervisor breed and supervisor cowen. i'm carl williams i'm a resident of district 5. and i am the president of the san francisco african-american democratic club. i'm here to support the repoint in time of dr. moedz. i've known him for a you been unable of reinforces as a very conscience person someone deep low committed to a public process. and he has served with distinction on this commission so far and i believe he would
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serve very well to continue his work on that commission as previous speakers have indicated this is an important commission and dr. moses will bring contingent to the process of the commission as it goes forward with the complicated work of trying to make a reality the obamacare and other important pieces of legislation. thank you. >> thank you. any member of the public wish to speak on any item. you want to ask a question >> okay supervisor breed. >> you want to go forward? >> would this be part of public
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comment for you. >> seeing no other public comment public comment is closed. before you ask a question i want to ask someone to come up first of all, i want to commend you and the other commissioners to create such a diverse system in terms of neglectly. i want to see this is diverse. i'm curious in regards to immigrant percentage whooid wide just broad strokes it didn't have to be denied in broad strokes what's our immigrant population in san francisco >> our immigrant population in san francisco just made a presentation on this is 36 percent or one in every 3 receipts in the city.
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regardless of the breakdown the europe wan and ailing and aevenlg >> about 64 percent are from and 16 percent if mexican and 13 and a half percent from the uc and ireland and germany and other parts of europe and 1.6 percent are from african and nigeria and other parts of africa that he and then less than two tenths are from the occurring run. >> what are the russian. >> they fall a - supervisor
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breed you have a question? >> i'm happy to bring telling up but let me start by saying anyone can bring whoever you want this is a system that has existed for a long time. you were actually an interim in any office and they were to assist with information for the rules committee. and for any item that's brought before the rules committee the opportunity to speak during public comment is uterus so it's your prerogative >> one of the things i want to reiterate in meeting with a lot of those immigrant rights organizations there was a
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lettuce that you guys had earlier i was one of the first persons to meet with them. it's one of the thipgd i can bring to the committee is youthful energy. when i met with kathleen coal i'm sure she can reiterate this i had a meeting with phil. i don't want to inject hostility but people were on the committee are all great but this is like three or four weeks ago she already said no, i was a little bit >> who is she said, "no. >> i had a conversation with her, she said the people that on on the committee are great i do
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think they're great and i think you know i'm young and i'm smart i don't what i'm talking about. there's two who don't live in san francisco and i know they're here but - >> we do have one of them who's a native san franciscan who's been actively engaged and another person who is running an orchestrates. and let me be exemplar i came here prepared to hear from those candidates knowing you and your passion hoping to provide an opportunity for you on this particular commission i think you do an credible job i came
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here and i can probably speak for any colleagues, we come here looking for great candidates to serve the city and county of san francisco and what happens when wu you have all person regardless of a r0i7b9cy waiver i won't say i'm not familiar but i'm familiar with mel have a with her advocate and so we're in the situation where there's no reason to not support those candidates. i didn't come here with the mindset those people are going to get 30i7bd i wanted to looking the attention records i won't to talk about the status
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quo it's about having good quality people who have a track record of this kind work and the opportunities - i'm not going to speak for my colleagues i'm sitting here torn how to make n this happen but the opportunity will teaspoon to a happen from my prospective in terms of the people who are not necessarily on this body and not exempted in the same capacity as the people who are asking asking to be re30i7bd >> i was told weeks ago it's not a for gone go conclusion. i reached out to the caucus and justice cause and a mr. hernandez.
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i hope you guys consider me seriously i know the 6 candidates have great advocates for them staff members in particular but i hope, you know, take the things that i've brought in today. there was a feeling that the decision was already made it was a little bit a disappointing but the process is still open >> i want to reinforce with supervisor breed just said in under no circumstances hearings there's no foregone conclusion. for me, i do the same thing i like to listen and see what was submitted and see if candidates we try to get the best candidates in this particular
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case we've heard 7 candidates and one didn't show there's only 6 seats. it seems like the evidence will then show be a great commissioner. i tend to support the people who have been doing the work. especially for this commission the timing right now is so important to keep something stable with rights - going through the federal process right now and, you know, some possibility that something might actually happen we need attire commission to be one whole where they can continue to be an advocate in washington, d.c. we - i know that generally speaking in san francisco we think that every commission and everybody we have here has a lot
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of impact at the federal level but this is one commission where i feel strongly that it actually has some federal impact because of how organized we are. that's a final reason to disrupt that strong body we have at this point. in addition, what i'm hearing in about 6 months there would be some possibilities this could be some oakland maritime support servic services; is that correct >> supervisors there are 5 commission vacancies in june 2014 and those are some of the dmirgsz in that category are
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a little less active than the current group our talking to today and we'll welcome fresh fades. >> doesn't anybody want to make a motion. >> well i don't want to make a motion (laughter) but let me also i want to make a few comments. i came here definitely fully prepared without a doubt to support dr. moses because what i know about mrs. moedz anonymous to the immigrant but to san francisco. i only had an opportunity to meet with phil and i was very optimistic because i know how hard he worked and i i know about some of his ideas for this particular commission he will
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bring a missing voice. the gaps in this particular commission include the youth gap. he's not as young as i am - i'm kidding with that - he brings a prospective that seen always one of the gaps that is missing and i look at this commission and look at it how incredibly diverse s it is and how you have some really credible people. i came here concerned about the residency waiver and the attendance. i was definitely looking at mario he has incredible kre78d
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he credentials and below p blew me away with his presentation. it would be easier to appointed someone i know like phil who i actually had a had an to know he worked for me in my office he's hardworking and a great person and would do an incredible job but it's hard for me not to support the continuance of those candidates that are applying particularly with mel have a she wants one more term. and because of her harrod work and her work in the community the mathematics museum i i mean, the list going on in terms of
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advocacy. i feel compelled to make a motion to continue to personally work with phil to help to make sure that an opportunity that opens ♪ the future whether through the board or mayors heats definitely one that should be part of the commission many the future. i hope in the process of this develop some of the relationships with the members and continue to help at that particular time. no commission is completely one hundred periods of time full proof but i know this is an important time and we have some great people and an opportunity to add on some additional wonderful people but with all 407b9 we need to make sure the people who are on here are asked to leave if they can't attend to
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the meeting so we can put people like phil open the commission. with that, i'll make a motion to support kathleen coal for a seat 4, mary - oh, i have to do the residency waiver first. so i'll start with asking for a residency waiver for mario and mel have a maldonado >> is there a second. >> second. >> without objection that motion is passed. >> and then i'd like to move for seat 4 kathleen coal for seat 6 mario pause and seat 7 marlene
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kingsley i have her down for seat 7. and for seat 8 felix funning tests and seat 10 mel have a maldonado and for seat 11 tor ray moses and a before i go further director pond are the numbers correct? >> clarify seat number 6 (inaudible). >> i think she said that. is there a second important the motion >> okay without objection the motion pads. thank you very much. and phil thanks for coming (clapping) where am i?
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okay. before that he we're going to item number 9 before we entertain a motion for a closed session we still have to continue the meeting please leave the room quietly. okay madam clerk, please call items 9 through 11 and those are claims >> before we entertain a motion to convene in closed session any members of the public wish to
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speak or those items. seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues is there a motion to convene in closed session >> okay moved and seconded motion

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